S-Ray is a biotech dental company that has developed an ultrasound diagnostic system for use by dentists. The system is the first ever of its kind and arrives on the market at a crucial juncture — the digital era for the dental industry.

S-Ray was founded in 2008 and has offices in Seattle, Washington, and a laboratory in Redmond, Washington, where it is part of the Seattle-area’s “ultrasound cluster,” a collection of businesses, research facilities, organizations and more, all of whom are centered around the development of ultrasound technology.

Since inception, S-Ray, led by chief executive officer Steve Baird and executive vice-president Dr. Scott Parker, has developed the technology that is the basis for the company’s ultrasound platform. They have also developed partnerships with dental practitioners, businesses, organizations and associations around the world in order to ready S-Ray products for market release. S-Ray is in the midst of seeking both European and U.S. FDA approval for its products.

S-Ray Incorporated has been issued its first patent, which provides coverage for the unique way of using ultrasound for dental applications. An additional 31 provisional patents have been secured for other aspects of the system and additional software.

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