• 2003
    Unique way of using ultrasound to detect dental cavities and cracks proven and patented by Ken Johnson, DMD and Dan Tingley, PhD.

  • 2008
    S-Ray formed to focus investor funds on development of a lower cost and higher value product. S-Ray continues to evolve technology patented by Johnson and Tingley.

  • 2011
    Digital dentistry evolves from an undefined concept to workflow planning. Simultaneously, S-Ray‘s product research and development uncovers an additional 12 uses for ultrasound in dentistry. Product design also evolves into various types of hardware and multiple software applications. The S-Ray platform is now recognized as an enabler of digital dentistry.

  • 2012
    S-Ray revises the hardware product to both lower costs and become more “mobile” – a device that could fit into a lab coat pocket.

  • 2013
    Hardware product design becomes even more streamlined and can scan all of a patient’s teeth in a few seconds. The hardware is intended to support additional software “apps” which are designed to add cavity detection, crack detection, perio pocket measurement and automatic charting. Product design is suitable for FDA approval, CE mark registration and entry into the global dental market.

  • 2014
    Digital dentistry continues to move into position as a mandated evolution for dental, driven by the need to reduce costs, increase markets and meet regulatory requirements. S-Ray is positioned to participate in the digital workflow.

  • 2015
    Advances made on the quality of images being captured. S-Ray poised to disrupt traditional workflows and increase the value of its radiation free technology.

  • 2016
    S-Ray’s scanning technology achieves highest measurements of accuracy to date. S-Ray moves into its second development lab in the heart of Seattle’s downtown technology center.


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