Our IPO Plans

Posted by Steve Baird on March 14, 2017  /   Posted in CEO Perspectives

S-Ray is following a dual path exit strategy.  One path is very typical for a startup – sell to a larger company.  The other path is to stay independent and take the stock public.  Both paths provide investors with a way to sell stock and recapture their investment and expected profits.

S-Ray has tailored its day-to-day operations to enable simultaneous progress on both paths.  There are 3 main points to this effort:

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What Will 2017 Bring?

Posted by Steve Baird on December 28, 2016  /   Posted in CEO Perspectives

President & CEO, Steve Baird, shares some of his predictions for 2017.

Pressure to provide lower cost medical & dental devices

Regardless of the entity or person paying for health care, the cost is substantial.  Unexpected health care costs is a leading factor in personal bankruptcy in the US.  Forgoing care creates a need for emergency care at a much higher cost.  At some point in time costs that cannot be paid by the responsible party are passed onto others, further driving up costs.

We are seeing much more governmental study and comment on care costs with executives required to justify price models.

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S-Ray and the JOBS Act: IPO (Part 3 of 3)

Posted by Steve Baird on December 06, 2016  /   Posted in CEO Perspectives

The opportunity for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) using a new aspect of the JOBS Act is the topic of this CEO Perspective.

The JOBS Act recognized that new ventures (startups) can provide substantial returns to early stage investors willing to accept the risk and are a potent job creation force in the American economy. This job creation aspect is of high priority because new jobs are created by innovation – which requires creative ideas, an innovative team and risk tolerant investors.

Moving a company from private to public is a detailed and very deliberate process. It includes review and revision of documents, auditing of financial records and a more complex capital structure. In this article, I will discuss the IPO aspect of the JOBS Act as it specifically relates to S-Ray.

S-Ray has started the process of “going public” and it is now part of the daily work done by the management and staff. It is also guidance for decision-making, planning and communication. A public company has very specific rules and regulations regarding information provided to shareholders and potential shareholders.

Our path to an IPO parallels current discussions to sell the company. Our dual path strategy continues. For those interested in more details on the specific route to an IPO, you can reference the “Regulation A, Tier 2” process. It’s a new, low-cost, faster route to a publicly traded stock. In addition, the costs are much lower than another route to an IPO – the reverse merger. At one point in our history, we engaged in discussions regarding acquisition of a public company to enable S-Ray to trade publicly. A “Reg A” is now recognized as being much lower cost without the risk of the “baggage” that could come from acquiring an existing business.

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S-Ray and the JOBS Act: Crowdfunding (Part 2 of 3)

Posted by Steve Baird on November 15, 2016  /   Posted in CEO Perspectives
Steve Baird

Steve Baird, President & CEO

This CEO Perspective discusses the changing dynamics in the investment sector driven by the practice of crowdfunding. I’ll make reference to S-Ray with emphasis on our use and planned use of it.

Crowdfunding is another aspect of the JOBS Act – a legislative response to the financial crisis and Great Recession of 2008. As we continue to recover from the event, we are able to better understand what we went through. We are now able to refer to the crisis by the year it started – 2008 with a growing consensus that it began to end in 2010. We now understand it was the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

In simple terms, crowdfunding allows private companies the opportunity to sell stock to individuals through direct marketing which we see most often as web-based. Prior to this legislation, a company like S-Ray could only offer stock to individuals that were introduced to the opportunity by the company officers, directors and other shareholders. This type of offering was referred to as “friends and family”.

While S-Ray has raised about $11 million from “friends and family”, we are very close to completion of the documentation and process to enable a crowdfunding campaign to finish our pre-IPO phase. The opportunity of crowdfunding requires the company to follow certain processes including a “third party verification” of qualified investor status for potential investors. It is our belief that these additional processes and more rigorous documentation may add expenses and slow the fund-raising. However, it is also positioning S-Ray for an IPO and the resulting liquidity opportunity for our shareholders.

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Redmond Lab Update – October 2016

Posted by Scott Parker on October 14, 2016  /   Posted in Lab Updates

I am excited to share with you some recent breakthroughs at the development lab in Redmond, WA.

3D Printed Model

3D Printed Model

Many of you have seen the images we are publishing here on the company’s website. We have completed hundreds of scans now and the most recent are the most exciting. The newer scans show recent significant advances in our scanning technology.

3D Scan of Printed Model

3D Scan of Printed Model

The scanning process is now fully automated. That means we can place the target (dental model), start the scan, and end up with a 3D scan all at the push of a button. Once activated, the system performs a quick overview scan of the target and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the best paths for scanning the object. As we anticipated, the cross arch accuracy of the S-Ray scanner is proving to be very stable which is one of the biggest challenges of most scanners available today.

Please take a minute to see our progress through some more recent examples of our scans.

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