Dental Professionals

As a dental professional, your investment also provides additional insight into our product development, which can include your participation in innovation, design and testing.

All but one of S-Ray’s patent portfolio includes a dentist as an inventor. We need dental professionals to help keep our technology on a path that delivers high clinical value at a very reasonable cost.

In addition to your participation as a professional, we also seek your help as we move our product into the marketplace. Because dentists rely on other dentists for recommendations regarding new equipment, your position as an early investor as well as early customer will be seen as an important and authoritative opinion.

One final point in considering an investment – S-Ray is offering you an opportunity to invest in what you know. We believe your evaluation of our business plan, industry relationships and the clinical value of our products will earn your confidence, and investment.

Please contact us and we will follow up on your interest in joining our shareholders.

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