3D Dental Images

The following are preliminary 3-D images generated by S-Ray’s scanning technology and Latitude software system.

Latitude is a software system designed to fully automate the scanning process. This comprehensive process includes: activating the system, initiating the scan, collecting the data and then outputting the data as a 3D image file. In summary, the Latitude software system fully integrates the scan of a specific target at the push of a button — with the final result being a generated 3D image.

Of note: The earliest preliminary scans viewed on this website have been generated from a single pass at medium resolution over the occlusal surfaces and do not represent go-to-market level quality of data. More recent scans, using improved software scanning technology, still do not represent go-to-market level quality, but include additional scanned surface area beyond the occlusal surfaces.

Even at this preliminary stage, third party researcher and renowned intra-oral scanning expert Dr. Joerd van der Meer has examined the images, and he noted that the accuracy is already comparable to currently available light-based scanners.

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Rotate the images by holding down the left mouse button and moving up / down / left / right with the mouse. Enlarge and reduce the images, using the scroll wheel.

(Please note that images may not display correctly in Internet Explorer 11. Images are best viewed using Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge browsers.)

Lower Arch Test Model (December 2016)

Note: This image was generated using a newer version of our software (version 5.0)

Lower Arch 3D Printed Model (December 2016)

Note: This image was generated using a newer version of our software (version 5.0).

Additional Examples – October 2016 :: June 2016 :: May 2016

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