Example Mouthpiece

Example Mouthpiece

S-Ray is finalizing the development of two products for the global dental market along with four additional unique software applications.

The two products are ClearView LAB, commonly referred to as the “counter top,” or “box,” scanner; and ClearView SCAN, best known as the “intra oral” scanner. These two products represent a breakthrough ultrasound technology that will enable dentists everywhere to move easily and comfortably into the practice of digital dentistry. The products are also 100% Radiation Free.

ClearView LAB is used to scan conventional impressions, thereby eliminating all stone models, transportation costs, and several days of waiting for patients. The inherent errors in model fabrication will also be eliminated. Since the scans produced by ClearView LAB are highly accurate in terms of capturing detail, crowns, veneers, bridges, braces and retainers may be fabricated from these scans. As mentioned, a great deal of time – more than a week – will be saved by avoiding the familiar process involving poured models, bases, trimming, and shipping.

ClearView LAB will also be the optimal device for virtual model storage. All dentists, and especially orthodontists, using it will enjoy the benefits of eliminating the cost and hassle of storing stone models forever: ClearView LAB is smaller than a toaster. Because it is a lab product, ClearView LAB does not require FDA approval and will be the first S-Ray product available on the market.

ClearView SCAN creates standard sharable open files of a patient’s mouth. This scan may be used for multiple purposes. Not only will ClearView SCAN eliminate the need for a conventional impression for fabrication of prosthetics and aligners, but it will also eliminate time-consuming and annoying periodontal probing.

Again, all S-Ray’s products and applications are 100% Radiation Free.

Additionally, S-Ray has developed four complementary software products as part of its platform – ClearView RESTORE, ClearView PERIOSCAN, ClearView PERIOCHART and ClearView CARIES. These applications, to be priced at $2,000 USD each*, will enable practitioners to interpret scans for diagnostic purposes many times over and are easily downloadable onto the S-Ray device.

Besides offering the numerous advantages of high-resolution ultrasound, the S-Ray platform of products will be the most cost-effective system ever available to the dental market.

ClearView LAB has a suggested retail price of $5,000 USD.*
ClearView SCAN has a suggested retail price of $9,850 USD.*

Comparing Light Scanning vs. Ultrasound Scanning

Light or
Laser Based
Capable of scanning models? Check Check
Capable of scanning impressions? Some Check
Full Arch Capability? Some Check
Time for full arch scan? Varies: 5 min+ 2 min
Scan easily without dry field? X Check
Scan without powder/scan liquid? Some Check
Capture all relevant data automatically? X Check
Capture data in undercuts? X Check
Capture sub-gingival data & structures? X Check
Can also detect cracks, detect caries, and measure perio pockets with one piece of hardware? X Check
Learning curve? High Low
No calibration/maintenance of the scanner? X Check
File output type Some STL, Some Proprietary Open STL
Cart-free hardware configuration Some Check
Hardware MSRP $13,500 – $49,900 $9,850
Software MSRP Varies $2,000 per application

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* Products are not being offered for sale at this time. These are forward looking statements. Sales are subject to respective regulatory approvals for every market. Prices shown are projections and subject to change.

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