ClearView Intraoral Scanner & ClearView LAB Impression Scanner


What can I do with the S-Ray ClearView SCAN?
The S-Ray ClearView SCAN is an intraoral scanner that uses a full arch mouthpiece.  In addition to typical intraoral scanner uses (such as creating crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, implants, partials, clear aligners, mouth guards, orthodontic appliances and models) new, unique indications such as 3D caries and crack detection are visible.  Because the ClearView SCAN includes sub-gingival scanning, digital perio pocket measurements can be included in the same scan and automatically linked to your practice management software for charting.

ClearView SCAN

ClearView SCAN

What can I do with the S-Ray ClearView LAB?
This is a desktop impression scanner suitable for all dental impressions. It is designed to quickly scan an impression and automatically send the digital image to your dental lab, thereby negating the need for time-consuming models and costly shipping charges. Scans made with the ClearView LAB will create digital images used to produce crowns, braces and retainers. The S-Ray ClearView LAB will also have the capability to scan and digitize existing models, which will also reduce the need to store models that can take up a great deal of physical space in a dentist’s office.

What data file is created with ClearView SCAN?
For digital impression use, the ClearView SCAN generates ClearView RESTORE files.  RESTORE files are composed of STL files, the dental industry standard data files, containing the surface contours and locations of the full arch.  In addition to the STL data, RESTORE files provide additional information such as patient name, date and time of scan and prescription. Links are included in a very secure and HIPPA-compliant digital packet.

ClearView LAB

ClearView LAB

If I purchase a ClearView SCAN, can I still work with my lab?
Yes.  Many labs will have installed and integrated ClearView RESTORE workflow systems and will be certified as Digital Labs.   They will be ready to integrate your secure ClearView RESTORE files when you start using the system.   If your preferred lab is not yet certified, S-Ray will assist in their transition to becoming a Digital Lab.  As an alternative, if your preferred lab has not yet made the transition to becoming a certified Digital Lab, S-Ray will provide them with conventional models generated by the ClearView SCAN and manufactured using 3D printers.

Can the ClearView SCAN be used to create traditional models and restorations?
Yes.  The ClearView SCAN data can be used to create full arch or partial arch models using 3D printers or other devices using the dental industry standard STL file format.

Can I use the ClearView SCAN for orthodontic cases?
Yes.  The ClearView SCAN provides your orthodontic partner with a full arch digital impression.  Unlike other intraoral scanners, the full arch provides a consistent level of accuracy across the entire arch, a preferred digital impression method which results in better fit and more predictable outcomes.  Like many labs, leading orthodontic appliance providers will also been certified for using ClearView SCAN data to enable digital dentistry workflow.

Can I use the ClearView SCAN to show caries, cracks and perio pocket probe results?
The ClearView RESTORE data file created by ClearView SCAN contains data necessary for visualization of all issues.  The ClearView SCAN is designed to interact with a variety of customizable add-on applications for specific functions. ClearView CARIES provides detail viewing of caries, even interproximal decay.  ClearView CX provides detailed viewing of cracks and fractures, even sub-gingival.  ClearView PERIOSCAN performs precise measurements to replace traditional perio pocket probing; ClearView PERIOSCAN data can interact with ClearView PERIOCHART for automatic updating of the patient electronic dental record.

I am not quite ready for an intraoral scanner; do you have another way of creating a digital impression?
Yes.  Use the ClearView LAB product in your office to scan impression trays or dental models.

Open and Additive Connections

Is the ClearView SCAN a closed system?
No.  ClearView RESTORE data files and associated information (such as treatment plans and prescriptions) are integrated into the workflows of your trusted partners (such as dental labs and orthodontists).  However, the data is secured in a manner which is compliant with HIPPA and other regulations to prevent access by unauthorized users.

Does ClearView SCAN create STL files?
Yes. The core ClearView RESTORE files are in STL format, the current dental industry standard file format for sharing data.  As STL continues to improve, the underlying scan data (in a mesh or point cloud format) can be revised to remain consistent with dental industry standards for digital dental information and workflow integration.

I have just purchased an intraoral scanner and chairside mill – will ClearView SCAN replace it?
No.  ClearView SCAN is designed to provide you with additional views of your patient’s dental structure which will increase your knowledge for treatment planning.  There will be some situations where either the existing intraoral scan or the ClearView SCAN will be used.  In other situations, you may decide that both types of scans are beneficial.

Will the ClearView SCAN replace my x-ray equipment?
No. The ClearView SCAN is designed to provide additional information when used with x-ray equipment, enabling better treatment planning. The ClearView SCAN data is digital so it can be layered onto a digital x-ray image to provide additional clarity, including crack detection and other details unique to the ClearView SCAN technology. The ClearView SCAN does not emit radiation and so can be used as an alternative to x-ray for certain patients.


How much does the ClearView SCAN cost?
U.S. suggested retail pricing is $9,850.*  Pricing for locations outside of the U.S. has not been set.  Sales of the ClearView SCAN are pending approval by the FDA and CE (Europe) in those respective markets.

How much does the ClearView LAB cost?
U.S. suggested retail pricing is $5,000.*  Pricing for locations outside of the U.S. has not been set.  Orders for the ClearView LAB are being accepted now – no regulatory approval is needed.

What is the cost of the additional software applications?
Each of the four announced software applications is $2,000.* Additional applications are in development and have not been announced.

Is there a cost for supplies or consumables?
Yes.  Each patient requires a single-use mouthpiece which connects to the ClearView SCAN.  In order to minimize your investment, ongoing costs and waste products, the mouthpiece is returned to S-Ray after use in a prepaid container.  You do not purchase the mouthpieces.  You are provided with a supply of mouthpieces and are billed $3.00 for each procedure performed with the ClearView SCAN system.  You are billed for the mouthpiece only when they are used.

Is there a fee for taking a scan or a monthly data fee?

Is there a fee for sending the scans to my dental lab?
No.  In many instances a dental lab will reduce your cost of a case because the ClearView RESTORE digital file enables faster production with far greater accuracy.

Who owns the ClearView RESTORE data files?
Certain components are owned by the patient, who may be given access to them.  Other components, such as dental lab design files, are typically owned by the dental lab.  You may also have certain components of your office work product that you own.

What training is provided with the ClearView SCAN?
Each of the ClearView SCAN products and applications requires a brief (about 30 minutes) web-based training.  Upon completion of the training module, a competency quiz is required in order to have each staff person certified in each particular ClearView product.  Because the 3D images created by the ClearView SCAN and related software products are typically viewed by the patient as part of the treatment plan presentation, there is emphasis in the training and certification of staff on patient presentation and information.

How can I order a ClearView SCAN?
The ClearView SCAN and related products will be sold in the U.S. by S-Ray Incorporated.  Markets outside of the U.S. will be serviced by local, value added partners.

What is the price and availability of the ClearView LAB?
The U.S. price is $5,000 and available for order now.  No regulatory approval is required for the ClearView LAB product.

Questions for Dental Labs

How can my lab work with the ClearView RESTORE digital impressions?
The most efficient way is for your lab to purchase a ClearView LAB system, available now.  The system allows for testing, software customization and integration into a labs workflow to insure high quality and cost effective manufacturing.  As part of the ClearView LAB installation, your lab will become certified to accept ClearView RESTORE digital impressions as a Digital Lab.

What if my lab does not want to accept digital impressions?
S-Ray will manufacture and ship 3D models to your lab, which they can use for their conventional workflow and manufacturing process.

Technical Capabilities, Features and Benefits

Does the ClearView SCAN require powder, paste or gel?
No.  While these materials may be present in the patient’s mouth, they are not necessary for the scan nor will they impede the scan or detract from the data or image quality.

Does the patient’s mouth need to be dry?
No.  The scan does not require any preparation.

If I am scanning to chart orthodontic treatment progress, will I need to remove metal braces?
No.  The ClearView SCAN will render all the teeth as well as the braces and enable visualization in layers to either show or not show the braces.  The process scan can be overlaid on prior scans to show treatment progress.

Does the ClearView SCAN system emit any noise, heat or radiation?

What is the technology used by the ClearView SCAN?
The entire platform of ClearView products uses ultrasound.  S-Ray is the first (and only) provider of an ultrasound imaging system for dental applications.  The technology development was started in 2002 and is owned by S-Ray Incorporated and protected by a portfolio of over 30 patents.

Are the ClearView SCAN images in color?
Yes.  Because certain aspects (such as caries or cracks) benefit from variance in appearance, the 3D renderings are color-coded.  Color-coding provides the clinician and patient with greater understanding of case presentation which enables case acceptance.

Can the ClearView SCAN “see” through tissue, blood and/or saliva?
Yes.  The ClearView SCAN is the only digital impression system which provides the capability to scan through liquid and soft tissue.

Will additional capabilities be offered for my ClearView SCAN?
Yes.  S-Ray is leveraging its growing patent portfolio and dental industry advisors to provide additional diagnostic and therapeutic tools, all based on the ultrasound platform and complimentary with the open format ClearView RESTORE data files for digital dentistry.


Does the ClearView SCAN use any other scanning technology in addition to ultrasound?
No. ClearView SCAN is 100% ultrasound. S-Ray Incorporated’s core competency is ultrasound. While additive technologies may assist the efficiency of the scan, the actual scan itself will be accomplished using ultrasound.

Ultrasound has been in widespread use for medical imaging, why is this the first application for dental imaging?
S-Ray Incorporated was the first entity to use ultrasound in a very unique way that provides highly-detailed, 3D, low-cost renderings of a patient’s entire dental structure in under a minute.

How long does the scan take?
Less than one minute.

Does the mouthpiece need to be moved or adjusted before or during the scan?
No.  The ClearView SCAN automatically initiates a pre-scan procedure to determine placement of the patient’s teeth.

Are the ClearView SCAN image files large? Will they take up much space?
No. ClearView SCAN data files are not images. They are point cloud files (STL) which instruct your viewer software to create images as needed and “on the fly.” The process is similar to using a map program on your computer or smartphone, increasing speed of use and freeing up memory and space on your local machines.

Patient Marketing

Will I need to promote the ClearView SCAN and its advantages to my patients?
That is your decision, but S-Ray Incorporated will be working to provide patients with information regarding the benefits of ultrasound for dental uses.  Certain health benefits such as zero radiation will no doubt attract additional attention, which will assist in patient awareness and acceptance.


* Products are not being offered for sale at this time. These are forward looking statements. Sales are subject to respective regulatory approvals for every market. Prices shown are projections and subject to change.

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